Clerkenwell Design Week

Living in London I am lucky enough to be able to attend lots of design talks, festivals and functions year round but one of my favourites is Clerkenwell Design Week.

Maybe it’s the fact it happens in May, a favourite month, when the weather is finally turning (last year we were lucky enough to get 3 whole days of sunshine!) and people start shedding their winter layers and looking forward to summer. Showrooms across Clerkenwell throw their doors open for viewings, presentations, product launches and a few drinks and the design world descends, spilling over thresholds into the streets, wine glasses in hand and discussion on their lips. You can almost see the buzz in the air.

Some planning is required to juggle meetings and deadlines around the events you just have to attend and by Thursday everyone is feeling slightly groggy from the legendary parties that round off each day… ok maybe a little more than slightly groggy.

This year was especially great. Design teams had really stepped up their game and the line up was jam-packed with exciting exhibits, new products, conversations with designers, open talks, presentations and more.

Here are my top 5 events from the glorious 3 days:

Boss’s launch of Trinetic


Following their awesome and super successful Coza chair Boss launched the sleek and stylish Trinetic Chair. Open for viewing all week and then a party in its honour on Thursday evening, it was clear that Boss are proud of their new baby and with good reason!

Image borrowed from: 1


Fritz Hansen


Ok, so this is actually a picture of the Fritz Hansen Showroom in Fitzrovia, not from Clerkenwell but it was super busy and this picture is too lovely not to share!

I know I’m not alone in the love of Scandi-style and Fritz Hansen is a favourite for satisfying that need! Their showroom is actually located outside of Clerkenwell in Fitzrovia but that did not stop them getting well and truly involved. They snuggled up to their partner Bene and from the Bene showroom promoted their joint furniture products and threw a Tuesday night party that had people queuing round the corner to attend!


Kusch & Co


OK, so I maybe biased because their party was just awesome but they actually are one of my favourite suppliers. Long standing designs that have stood the test of time are interspersed with fresh, new products. Kusch + Co are a must-see for any designer!


The All-New-and-Improved Knoll Showroom

Along with a series of new chairs, designed by the legendary Barber & Osgerby studio, which was launched on Day 1 with a chat with the designers themselves, Knoll has given their showroom a makeover and it is perfection! Products are set up in loose groups, divided by red cords that separate the space without feeling oppressive. Meeting rooms are light and spacious and open out into outdoor courtyards (gold dust in London!) It feels cooler, considered and definitively worth a visit!


The Humanscale Closing Party


If you do nothing else in Clerkenwell you have to do the Humanscale closing party. Held at LSO St. Lukes Church, the drinks are bottomless, the entertainment is top notch and everyone is schmoozed out, so it really is just about the party.

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