The Tiny Showroom.

When it comes to the Mark Product showroom, size definitely does not matter. A little pocket of colour tucked away in the heart of Clerkenwell, it is proof that it is quality, not quantity that sells a product.

I had the pleasure of popping over last week to meet and greet the new rep and check out their latest design. I’m not sure if it was the sunny evening, the free flowing elderflower spritzers, the delicious “Cornish nibbles” or the cozy setup of the tiny showroom but it wasn’t long till all the girls were relaxed into the comfy sofas, hands curled around our glasses, gossiping about living in London, surfing in Cornwall, the best coffee shops around and… well anything but work talk!

Eventually we did get round to business and we were introduced to the cute-as-a-button Alf Chair which Mark are launching for 100% Design. Humble as ever, they were keen on geting feedback for the design and were delighted with any compliments given. Playful and simple it invites you to not be too precious with it; pick it up, throw it around and put your feet on it! It was super comfortable (I was on it all night) and the range of colours and styles ensure that there will be an Alf for any occasion 🙂

Definitely worth checking out this and all their lovely ranges if you’re around the area. You may even get treat to some home-made cornish ice-cream, Moomaid of Zennor (compliments of the family farm in Cornwall), delicious!








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