midweek memo | buy more plants

As autumn’s grasp hardens and the nights become darker and colder, it’s a perfect time to rejuvenate you space with new plants. Living, breathing greenery scattered around the home is a constant reminder of light and life during the season when nature settles down to hibernate.

Whether you live in a city or are surrounded by countryside it’s a beautiful thing to pull the outside in. Below are some favourite plant inspo to get your green thumbs twitching.


A Statement Plant

Big and bold and in a pot you can’t lift, its a perfect hallway welcome or corner-piece





The simple, clean lines of these beautiful cement vases add class and poise
Grouping together different sizes, shapes, colours and plants create lovely arrangements that you can chop and change as the mood takes you



These gorgeous wall hangers from MethodMfg (via etsy) mean that having limited space is no longer a problem
Inspired by the stunning rivers and mountains of Norway these ceiling hung vases can be found at ment and hung in any room for an organic touch



The colour, the butterfly-shaped leaves, the COLOUR. Obsessed with everything about this Red Oxalis (also called a shamrock or love plant… did I mention the colour?!)



And for those who just want the smell and ambience this is the perfect scent diffuser and candle set. Smelling like “fresh grass and crumpled leaves” it is from the wonderful Skandinavisk and if you’re in London it can be bought here Blårbär

For more lovely plant inspo’s head here: Green

In order of appearance, images borrowed from the inspiring: Lusia Brimble | Deko | Own | regardsetmaisons | Hanna’s garden shop | flikr | MethodMfg | ment | Skandinavisk

2 thoughts on “midweek memo | buy more plants

  1. I was just thinking about this! Beautiful selection of planters.

    After visiting a friend in Sweden and her beautiful plant filled flat I need some more greenery in my life! Scandinavian style! Although I have a poor track record with houseplants… Best go for the ‘easy’ ones to start with.

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