showroom: Carl Hansen & Søn

The strapline of the Carl Hansen & Son brand is that every piece comes with a story. It is absolutely true. A long time fan, I jumped at the chance to pop along to the showroom for breakfast last month to check out the new products and see my old favourites.

Occupying three floors of a converted old print factory, the setting is perfect. Exposed brickwork frame large light-giving windows and original wooden beams run along the ceiling. The history caught up within those materials is almost palpable, a nod to a more industrial era and a perfect backdrop for the classics among their collection, many of which date back to the early 20th Century.




The pieces displayed here are a wonderful range that showcase the brilliance of the brand. Some are timeless classics that have been around since the start, others are reworks and some are new designs. All come with a tale of how the designer was inspired. If you are in the Clerkenwell area it is well worth a visit.




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