midweek memo | refining my bookcase

Ever since I can remember I have had a bookcase overflowing with books. When I was super young they were fairy tales and picture books, some hand-me-downs from my sister, some brand new ones selected from weekly forays to Waterstones. As I grew up my bookcase grew up with me, many things were discarded along the way but most were kept and the result is a hoard of books, some treasured, others read, enjoyed but then forgotten. 

When I moved down to London I sneakily left this hoard at my parents’ house. I really HATE throwing books away and the thought of sorting through that overflowing bookcase filled me with dread. This dread however was unfortunately not enough to deter me from starting a new hoard… the London Collection let’s call it.

My most recent read is “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever” by Marie Kondo and bloody hell is it changing my life! I’ve always thought I was a pretty tidy, compact person but now I realise I’ve been doing it all wrong! I am itching to find a spare day or two where I can start ripping through my belongings and properly sorting out.

The most recent chapter was about book hoarding. I read the title with trepidation thinking “I’ll just skim through it as no way am I giving up the London Collection”! But then I hit upon a sentence that changed my view… “Imagine what it would be like to have a bookshelf filled only with books that you really love”. On reading that I felt my eyes slip over to my collection and look at it in a new light. My eyes fell on titles I had become bored with halfway through, some I had read and not enjoyed, others were cherished. It seems it is time to refine my assortment.

This all ties in nicely with the fact I am moving house soon and so really it’s the perfect opportunity to be rid of things I no longer need. Less things to take with me and great for a fresh start!

In light of all of this I have had my eye on bookshelf inspirations for my new, cultivated collection in my new home.

The  most successful bookcases break up the book collection in regular intervals so you are not hit with a wall of titles you can’t process.
The style of bookshelf used is important too – it can be a simple backdrop with books and objects stored on it being the main focus or it can be the feature itself. This amazing Antalogia design from Studio 14 is a great example.


Breaking up the book sections further with loved items and statent ornaments. Adding a pop of green in brings your bookshelf to life.

Shop the look here:

These gorgeous planters would look amazing on any bookshelf:

concrete il_570xn-994200491_top1 white-plant-pot

OKConcrete                         ThisWayToTheCircus                   BerriesForBella


Alternating taller ornaments with lower book heights give variety to the eyeline and add interest to your shelf.

gold-candle  il_570xn-1014753985_b87y

ShragaLandesmanArt                             Yahalomis


Quirky extra details can help add interest to your bookshelf, prints stacked at the back of the shelf will add depth to the look:

il_570xn-1099405731_nnlm robot-picture robot-ornament

Velvet Era                                  Bold and Noble                          Hill Barn East


For more inspiring bookcases vibes head here: Read

In order of appearance, images borrowed from the lovely: BlogLovin | Studio 14 | Amber Interiors | Architectural Digest | Woonio | Sarah Sherman Samuel


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