Midweek Memo| Kitchen Style

|A kitchen most often the heart of any home. People tend to gravitate towards where the food is kept… I know I do. It’s the reason open-plan kitchen/dining/living areas have always been popular.

The problem with this is that its so easy for this space to become a disorganised mess. I’m not saying it should be perfectly in order, few can keep that up for long, but certain tricks can be applied to help you style your kitchen and make it easy to manage. I’ve collected some of my favourite ideas below to inspire new ways to style your kitchen happy.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Loving the idea of storing a microwave up out of the way and framing it with cookery books. Also, pulling out your most used ingredients like sugar and rice and storing them in mason jars is handy and can help make your space look super stylish.


Frame the Clutter


Framing your utensil pot, salt and pepper shakers, oil and whatever else is scattered about your bench with a decorative tray helps to draw the eye and frame the wonderful kitchen chaos. Adding a plant always helps.


Stacking Pretty Crockery


If you’re super proud of your gorgeous crockery then why not store it on the bench in pretty piles? Handy and decorative.  


Don’t get Hung Up


Or do! This is a perfect solution for spaces that don’t have oodles of storage. Simple rows of hooks for pans, utensils and the odd pinch of herbs can look stylish and be very practical – everything always to hand!


Stack that Produce


Keeping fresh produce on display can add colour to your kitchen bench and keeps the cupboards free for less slightly things.


Images borrows from the lovely: Sjoy Studios|The Spruce | Inspiration for Moms | Topps Tiles | Pure Wow | Roomed

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